Monday, December 24, 2012


 I’ve never been a big fan of Christmas. Sure, when I was a kid I loved to get presents, eat tons of candy, and get a week or two off from school, but also associated with Christmas was winter; cold temperatures and snow. Even as a kid I didn’t like snow. As I got older, I discovered another reason I didn’t care for Christmas - the money it cost. To get everyone something that is actually nice takes an enormous amount of money. Despite what my kids may think, I’ve never been made of money, so Christmas always left me with a feeling that I wished I could do more.

Yet, as I look back over my forty-five Christmases to date, it seems the ones when we had the least amount of money turned out to be the most memorable. What sticks out in my mind are the other things, family coming to visit, Christmas plays and programs, time of doing things with other people, and even though I detest snow, sledding, skiing, and building snowmen. Apparently, money isn’t as big an issue as it seems to be at the time.

So, maybe I need to take a new approach to Christmas. Enjoy the holiday, enjoy the food, and enjoy watching my grandkids as they excitedly open their gifts. And with my two days off from work, I can relax inside where its warm, not have to bother with driving on bad roads, chaining up - and then unchaining my truck. Hey, a few more days like that and I may just become a fan of Christmas after all!

Merry Christmas!

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