Monday, July 16, 2012

Losing Things On The Road

In my daily travels along the Interstate, I see a lot of junk strewn alongside the road. I’m not talking garbage or trash people have thrown out, but things that until they fell out of a vehicle moving at 70 mph, were perfectly fine. Now supposedly, its bad luck to lose something out of a vehicle while driving. Well, duh! You don’t have your stuff anymore – that’s not exactly a stroke of good fortune!

It’s amazing though, just how much people lose. I’ve seen everything from clothes and purses to dressers and beds; from suitcases and lamps to toolboxes and ladders. Once, I even saw a busted up piano. Something tells me it probably no longer played.

I often wonder what these people were thinking when they set off down the road without tying or strapping down their possessions securely. Maybe they just didn’t care. Or, in the case of heavy objects like a refrigerator or piano, they didn’t want to have to unload it. Me, I like my stuff and I’d like to keep it, so I tie it down. Besides, replacing things is rather expensive.

Perhaps the most interesting thing I’ve seen on the side of the road was a mirror. A big mirror. The kind that hangs at the end of some grand hallway in a fancy estate. What was especially fascinating about the mirror is that it wasn’t broken. The edges of the wooden frame were a little banged up but other than that, there it was, defying all logic, leaning up against the guardrail, the glass gleaming brightly in the afternoon sun. A shinning example that even the most predictable outcomes can sometimes be very unpredictable. How does a mirror fall from a moving vehicle, land on the hard pavement, roll to a stop up against a solid surface, and not shatter into a million pieces?

Just luck, I suppose.

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