Monday, April 30, 2012

Mowing The Lawn

I used to like mowing the lawn. Good thing, too, ‘cause I started when I was four. Yep, four. And yes, I mowed by myself. Back then, we didn’t have those kill switches that stop the mower when the handle is released either. And I’m pretty sure the mowers were heavier then too – at least they seemed to weigh more.

My legs were too short for me to reach the top of the handle, I couldn’t even reach the middle cross bar, and so I used the sides of the handle. It was all I could do to make a lap around the yard. But, I did it. Then, it was my brother’s turn for a lap. That’s the way we mowed the lawn, taking turns so the job wasn’t overwhelming for a short little kid of four. Yeah, it was hard – but it was fun, and besides, I was helping – doing something worthwhile.

These days, anyone who has a four-year-old mowing the lawn would probably be in trouble for something I’m sure. In this modern over-protective culture, I guess we no longer want kids to learn how to work – or do much of anything. And of course, we certainly can’t overwork them, that would be just horrible – yeah, right.

As for me, I’m glad my dad taught me to mow and then let me do it - on my own – even at age four. Why? Well, a lot of reasons. As I’ve previously mentioned, I learned how to be productive, to work and get things done, how to stick with a job until it’s done, etc. It all came in handy about three years later when I started mowing lawns for other people – and getting paid!

Up until a few years ago, I’d mowed lawns every year since my dad first had me pushing the mower, in what was most likely a very inefficient pattern, around the house. And while I no longer thought it was exactly fun, I didn’t mind. Then one day, my son took over the mowing. Now, I haven’t mowed a lawn in quite a number of years, and I can’t really say I miss it. Not that it’s hard work necessarily, but it takes time, and my time is a limited commodity. There is always plenty of other things I could be doing.

But, as they say, all good things must end. Next week, my son turns eighteen and will soon be moving away. That means, “guess who” gets to mow the lawn? Hmm. And to think I used to like mowing!

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