Sunday, April 15, 2018

I've Been Everywhere (Almost)

Took another one of those quizzes on Facebook—yeah, I know they use them to get people’s data but I don’t care. I don’t put things on Facebook that I wish to keep private so it’s not really a problem.

This particular quiz claimed to be able to determine in what state I’d been born and/or raised based on my answers. Not that they could “guess” but that they would “know,” it said. I was instantly interested because usually these things have a little difficulty assigning me to any specific location. This is due to the fact that I’ve lived in several states and spent a lot of time visiting other states. In fact, I’ve visited most of the United States—except for one small region. I’ve picked up habits and acquired speech peculiarities along the way. And although I tend to exhibit the western influence more than any other, I’m a conflation of many places.

So, I took the quiz; answered all the inane questions that seemingly had nothing to do with where I’d been born or raised. But that’s the idea, I think. Out of the 35 questions, there were only a couple I couldn’t answer accurately—a lot less than normal—so, I just picked the answer that most closely approximated my real answer.

After finishing, I waited while the app did its thing. When I got the results, they were again very sure of themselves, stating unequivocally that I was undoubtedly from New England.

Well, I thought, that’s really remarkable how they came up with that. Out of all the places I’ve lived and been; all the traits I’ve picked up, somehow they managed to zero in on New England—the one region of the country I’ve never even visited. I think they may need fine-tune their quiz, just a bit. ~

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